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e-Valuation offers a wide selection of assessments.

e- Valuation is an instant electronic assessment tool for recruiter's use during the screening and recruitment process. We have 5 areas of skills testing available - General Office Skills, Financial Skills, Communication Skills, IT Skills and Ability Indicator Testing.

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What can e-Valuation do for your business?

Affordable Instant Assessments:

Having an instant electronic assessment tool mean that you can conduct tests any where in the world! Results are available immediately.

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e-Valuation Your Online Skills Assessment Partner!!!

Welcome to e-Valuation!

e-Valuation offers over 400 assessments on a theory and practical level, covering a multitude of skills such as MS Word, MS Power Point, MS Excel, Financial and Bookkeeping Skills, Communication Skills, Information Technology, Language and Ability Indicator Assessments to name a few.
The system automatically scores the test and generates a skills assessment report. A full, detailed catalogue of tests and features is available on request.

What is e-Valuation?

e-Valuation is a tool that allows you to easily manage and administer candidate/applicant assessments electronically and instantly. It gives you the power to test applicants, candidates, employees and learners easily and effectively.       
We cater for the various industries and businesses that require evaluation and assessment tools, and have features to suit each individual section's requirement:    

Recruitment Constancies – Offer your clients the added benefit of accurate candidate skills screening.
Training Providers – Manage learner evaluation and results.
HR Departments – Evaluate and screen current and potential employees quickly and effectively.     

e-Valuation offers you:

Tools to accurately assess and evaluate candidates, applicants, learners and employees electronically.
You are in control and manage your evaluation studio.
It allows you to print reports, and manage results and statistics.
No risk. You merely rent the software and do not need to spend thousands of Rands on development!
It offers pre-loaded assessments for certain industries and technologies.
We can add your customised assessments onto your evaluation portfolio.
It puts your organisation ahead of the rest allowing you to offer electronic testing.
You save time and money but automating the assessment and evaluation process.
All data, tests and evaluation results are secure.
You are able to build on to and manage your evaluation studio.
It is catered to handle any type of assessment tests you use.

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